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Internet Resource Information for Gluten & Casein Free foods

When you click the link select  “search the archives”.  Put the topic you want to find information on in the box that says “search for”, such as “New Orleans” and you will find any email that has been posted in the list service about New Orleans.

It’s a good way to find out what you can eat in a certain city when you’re traveling.  If you want to post your own email to the list, you must join, but there are no fees involved.  This list service has been in existence about seven years and has thousands of members from all over the world (with celiac disease or gluten intolerance).

http://www.enabling.org/ia/celiac/#recipes    Recipees on the web









http://www.foodphilosopher.com/   It is filled with recipes and other stuff. Not every recipe is GF, but most are and she said they are outstanding recipes. Her contact info is :Annalise Roberts  201-891-0797

http://www.glutenfreeda.com    gfreedalogo02Glutenfreeda.com is an on-line gluten-free cooking magazine featuring thousands of gluten-free recipes, on-line cooking classes, product test reviews and monthly articles. This is an invaluable tool for both the seasoned Celiac or the newly diagnosed.

Reading Materials & Cook Books

Special Diets for Special Kids l&ll

by Lisa Lewis, PhD.

Gluten Free Gourmet

by Bette Hagman

Kids With Celiac Disease

by Danna Korn

 Useful Products

Toaster Bags (4-Pack) (www.pamperedchef.com under "New Products") #2115 $10.00 
Now you can toast sandwiches, garlic bread, French toast, pizza slices and more to golden, crispy perfection right in your own toaster! Best of all, the mess stays in the bag, so no crumbs or cheese to clean up. Dishwasher safe, reusable up to 10 times. Great for toaster ovens too!"

This product would be a great thing for celiacs because we could take them on trips and use other people's toasters without getting any of their left-over crumbs on our bread.

Restaurant Guide

The Gluten/Wheat Free Guide to Eating Out
This is a pamphlet containing chain restaurants and a list of the food items that can be eaten by celiac persons.

You may write them at:

Good Health Publishing LLC.
P.O. Box 889039
Atlanta, GA 30356-1039

Gluten/Wheat Free Dining Guide Customers
First of all, thank you for purchasing the first edition of the Gluten/Wheat Free Guide to Eating Out. The new, revised edition is at the printer and will soon be out. We will be offering you a 50% discount on the book, a full $10.00 off of the price because you’ve purchased the first edition.

This upcoming Monday, March 1st, an email ad will appear on the Celiac Listserv with a limited time, $3.00 off offer on the guide. If you are a subscriber to the listserv, please do not respond to the email on the Listserv and order a guide yet. The reason for this is your discount will be much greater as you have purchased a previous copy of the guide.

An email will be sent to you in the near future giving you the details to order a new dining guide with 59 restaurants (roughly $.17 per restaurant for existing customers) that will only apply to you. Please order at that time.

Thank you for your continuing support and we hope the new booklet with updated restaurants, items and complimentary gluten free dining card will be something that will enhance your choices for eating out.Thank You

Jeff Beavin
Good Health Publishing