Books for Sale:                                                                                     

Our group has received some new books from the publisher at a discount in order to make them available to the group members at a discounted price. We have the following available:

Kids with Celiac Disease: A Family Guide to Raising Happy, Healthy, Gluten-Free Children by Danna Korn.  price $12.00.

Wheat-Free, Worry-Free: The Art of Happy, Healthy Gluten-Free Living
by Danna Korn   price $10.00.

The Gluten-free Gourmet Makes Dessert by Bette Hagman, author of The Gluten-Free Gourmet.  More than 200 Wheat-Free recipes for Cakes, Cookies, Pies, and Other Sweets.  price $10.00

THE GLUTEN-FREE GOURMET BAKES BREAD, by Bette Hagman, author of The Gluten-Free Gourmet. More than 200 Wheat-Free recipes.  Includes instructions for Bread Machines. price $10.00

Wheat-Free Recipes & Menus, by Carol Fenster, PH. D., Delicious, Healthful Eating for People with Food Sensitivities.  price $10.

Delicious Dining Without Wheat, More from the GLUTEN-FREE GOURMET by Bette Hagman, author of The Gluten-free Gourmet and The Gluten-free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy.  price $10.00

These books listed above will be available for purchase at the group meetings; or you may contact
Kay Turner  by e-mail

Ann Brown's Bread Making Demo videos are ready! They are $15 each and you can order them by calling Jim or Ann Brown at metro 817-498-7062.

Dallas / Fort Worth Gluten Free Restaurant Guide, a guide you can take with you when dining or planning a dining out adventure.  Each guide is $20 plus shipping with 100% of the proceeds going to support the new Fort Worth support group, North Texas Gluten Intolerance Group.  Contact Diane McConnell for a copy: or 817-849-8646       Need more detail, Click Here

TriumphDiningLogoOur website provides gluten free resourcesRestaurantGuide for restaurant dining. We publish The Essential Gluten Free Restaurant Guide , Triumph Dining Cards and now the Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide to help Celiacs navigate the challenges of restaurant dining. Our webpage is located at  The Dining Guide has 3,800+ restaurant locations listed for all 50 states and the gluten-free lists or menus to 80+ chain restaurants.  The Dining Cards are laminated and come in 10 different languages.  Each card is translated and reviewed by at least 3 native speakers of the language being translated. The 2nd edition of the grocery guide can be found at

We've had a good amount of mainstream media exposure, including coverage in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Washington Post. You can see the Post article at

audible02The documentary about Celiac Disease,  has aired on public radio stations around the country and has taught millions of people what CD is, how prevalent it is, and what it's like to live with it.  For a small fee, you can download and use it for outreach.