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New Garlic Jim's - Gluten Free Frozen Pizza
PNW Local News (blog)
Finally a frozen GLUTEN FREE PIZZA that is good and you can buy at the grocery store to share with your Gluten Free Foodies! I found Garlic Jim's Gluten Free Pepperoni and Cheese Pizzas in the freezer section. Luckily there was a sign on the door that ...

Gluten cheating's a no-no
Toronto Sun
For people with celiac disease, however, this is not a "hot topic" but a way of life, a diet  they must follow carefully forever. Perhaps the trend can be a good  thing because it has led to the development of lots of products and  resources that make ...

The FDA Gets Serious About Gluten-Free Labeling Laws
This has led to confusion for consumers and considerable angst for the 1 in 133 of them that suffer from celiac disease. Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley, and hybrids of these grains. Those who suffer from celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder, ...

General Mills bakes up a new e-commerce strategy
But gluten also is known to cause celiac disease, with symptoms including digestive problems and fatigue in some peopleā€”about 1 in 133, according to an estimate General Mills uses. Yet gluten-free products are not always easy to find, ...

Supermarkets jump on gluten-free bandwagon
British Baker
Supermarkets are expanding their own-label gluten-free bakery ranges as sales in the category boom. According to data from Kantar Worldpanel commissioned by leading brand DS-gluten free, sales in the total gluten- and wheat-free market rose 15.7% in ...

The Gluten Free Diet: The Solution for those suffering from Celiac Disease and G
The Gluten Free Diet was created to help those who have either sensitivity to gluten or Celiac Disease. Celiac Disease is an Auto-immune disorder. Those who suffer from this disease  have an adverse reaction to gluten. Gluten is a protein commonly found ...

Konsyl Cookie Clusters (Gluten-Free)
By Jennifer Dutcher Recently diagnosed with a wheat sensitivity; currently learning about a wheat and gluten-free diet. Here's a recipe for gluten-free cookie clusters. They're delicious as a dessert, but depending on how much of a sweet-tooth you have ...

Push for stricter laws on labelling
The Canberra Times
Almost half of Sunsol Gluten Free muesli and Nu-Vit Low Fat muesli were made up of sugar - 7per cent more than Coco Pops. While the watchdog said the fat in some mueslis  was good, high-fat varieties contained too many kilojoules. Of the  mueslis tested, ... 

Dining out with food allergies takes planning and finesse
San Jose Mercury News
Her dining companion, who is highly sensitive to wheat products, had brought along a large bag of various styles of gluten-free pasta and plopped it down on the dinner table, planning to ask the  waiter to ask the chef to boil up the one that would best ... 

Entrepreneurial Mom Sees Sales Soaring in Challenged Economy
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Today, Lizanne Falsetto has turned her home-grown sugar free, high protein, gluten free delights into a national wellness phenomenon; a success this  hands-on mom and CEO never dreamed of. The biggest challenge for most  women entrepreneurs is finding a ...

Gluten Free Diets have back to school options.
However, most school cafeterias till now did not have the option of gluten free pizzas. Schwans has solved that problem they have recently created two new gluten free pizzas. Schwans provides food to around 80 percent of school districts in the country ...

Pyramid's Lifestyle Cuisine Plus Menu Shines a Flattering Light on Gluten-free ...
D Magazine
Watermelon and tofu salad (left) and avocado soup (right). (Both dishes shown in  amuse portions, not actual portions.) The last time we checked in with  chef Andre Natera, it was during his World Master Chefs Society  induction. Yesterday, I visited him ...

Pair cook up gluten-free venture
Timaru Herald
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Susan Sullivan prepares some gluten-free baking in the commercial kitchen her husband, Michael, helped build  from a shipping container at their Orari home. An Orari couple dedicated to producing gluten-free foods have opened the doors ...

Jaguars' gluten-free concessions still a work in progress
Florida Times-Union (blog)
The gluten-free pickings at EverBank Field will be kind of slim when the Jacksonville  Jaguars play their first home exhibition game Friday. But the  concessions are still a work in progress and if fans ask for more gluten-free items, they could get them ...

Ecommerce gluten-free website created on Windows Azure
On Monday (August 15th), the organisation announced that food company  General Mills had used its Windows Azure platform to create a website to promote a gluten-free lifestyle. Specifically designed to provide assistance for people living with coeliac ...

Witless on wheatless: Learning the gluten-free ropes
Jackson Clarion Ledger
Source: Printed with permission from Gluten-Free 101 by Carol Fenster (Savory Palate, 2010) www.CarolFensterCooks.com. I stood in front of the bread aisle in Kroger, trying to narrow down my own selection, when I heard a frustrated sigh to my right. ...

Not a mere trifle - gluten-free summer dessert for a crowd
Nevada Appeal
Susan Hart's trifle is made with a gluten-free cake, making the traditional English dessert safe for gluten-free diets. Trifle is not the prettiest dessert in an individual serving, but after the first taste, no one complains. ...

Gluten-Free Goodness: Roasted Zucchini Quinoa Salad
Not only is this salad gluten-free and packed with protein and fiber, but the fresh flavors are too good  for anyone to pass up. By Warda Bouguettaya Quinoa is a grain-like crop  grown in Latin America and is said to go back to the Incas, ...

Gluten sensitivity: A gut-wrenching problem
Coeur d'Alene Press
Referred to as a "gluten intolerance" or "gluten sensitivity," symptoms can range from mild to severe. The severe form  is called Celiac Disease. When you look at the history of man, you will  find that wheat has been a staple in the diet for thousands ...

Valley blogger shares personal story of celiac disease to help ease burden
ABC15.com (KNXV-TV)
PHOENIX - Celiac disease is becoming alarmingly more common today. It's a digestive  condition triggered by consumption of protein gluten. When those who  suffer from the disease eat foods containing gluten they experience an  immune reaction in their ...

Gluten-Free Bistro Supplying Cyclists Menu Foods
Natural Products Marketplace
The Garmin-Cerv©lo Pro Cycling Team is one of 16 international teams  competing and part of their diet will include products supplied by The Gluten Free Bistro. According to Barbara Grealish, a chef for Team Garmin-CervĆ©lo with husband Chris, ...

Gluten Freedom: It's easy to use rice paper for salad rolls
By Laura Byrne Russell, Special to The Oregonian If you follow a gluten-free diet, it's well worth learning how to use rice paper. Sometimes called  spring roll wrappers or spring roll skins, these thin, brittle rounds  are made from rice flour or a ...

New Vitality Health Foods, Inc. Expands Services To Customers By Introducing ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
The site is an excellent resource for people who follow a gluten-free diet. The tab, Gluten-Free Living provides a list of restaurants which have gluten-free menus. A library of gluten-free recipes and other information can be found within this tab. ...

Gluten-free bread is quick, easy to make
By Ellen Kanner For the 30 percent of Americans avoiding gluten, a wheat-based protein, getting a decent loaf of bread is a challenge. Gluten's in all the baked goods you love. Including bread. Especially bread. On the up side, alternative gluten-free ...


See attached document from the FDA regarding Gluten Free Labeling and send a message to the FDA with YOUR comments.

(Or use this URL:  http://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/ucm265212.htm)

See messages below:

FDA Makes Moves To Clarify Gluten Rules; What Is Celiac Disease?
Medical News Today
The FDA has reopened proposed gluten-free labeling rule originally published in 2007 in hopes of clarifying what "gluten free" actually means and how restaurants and manufacturers label their products. Gluten is a main cause of Celiac disease, ...

FDA Reopens Comment Period on Gluten-Free Labeling Proposal
Food agency announcement coincides with the anniversary of allergen law  mandating standards for products consumed by individuals with celiac  disease and others adhering to medically prescribed gluten-free diet. Today, the FDA announced it was reopening ...

Comment Period Reopened on Gluten-Free Labeling
Food Safety News
by Gretchen Goetz | Aug 03, 2011 Four years after the Food and Drug Administration proposed guidelines for gluten-free labeling, the issue of what qualifies as "gluten-free" is back on the table. Today the agency is reopening the comment period for its ...

Gluten-Free Nation
ABC News
By the Numbers: Debt Ceiling By the Numbers: Debt Ceiling A look at what's at stake and why reaching a compromise has been so challenging.

Hi everyone!
At long last, and in the dead heat of summer, I have decided to dip my  toes into the blogosphere and try to blog a bit. My new blog is call My Gluten-Free Tableand it is live at:  http://mygluten-freetable.com/.. Please pass the word along!  Hope you are all enjoying the summer.  Very best, Annalise Roberts (author of Gluten Free Baking Classics and other cookbooks.)

Food briefs: Aug. 4
Knoxville News Sentinel
21), and "Gluten-free baking," Aug. 28. Submit an original milkshake recipe to Mayfield  Dairy's "Below Zero Hero" culinary contest and be eligible to win a  $10000 grand prize. Weekly winners will also be announced. Find complete contest rules and ...

How one family suffering from Celiac Disease is helping others?
In Salt Lake City, Chaton Fife has been coping with living life with Celiac Disease. Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder. Basically, when an individual with Celiac Disease eats gluten their body attacks itself. This disease is manageable by ...

When foods labeled ā€œgluten-freeā€ aren't
Boston Globe
By Deborah Kotz, Globe Staff Foods that have “gluten-free“ on their label  may actually contain significant amounts of gluten -- enough to cause  gastrointestinal symptoms in those with celiac disease who have an intolerance to the wheat protein. ...

Gluten-Free Carrot Cake
Combine cinnamon, orange zest and juice, oil, eggs, cake mix and pudding mix in a bowl and beat with an electric mixer at low speed for 1 minute.  Scrape sides of bowl; beat at medium-high 2 minutes or until batter is  smooth, scraping down bowl ...

Smart Balance Acquires Glutino
Natural Products Marketplace
Stephen Hughes, chairman and chief executive officer, Smart Balance said the gluten-free segment is complementary with the company's corporate vision of  targeting consumer's specific health needs. Glutino manufactures and  markets gluten-free foods sold ...

Betty Barfield
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