Dear Lonestar Celiac Support Group,

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Rachel Carlyle-Gauthier, aka, the Gluten Free Mama.  I have recently written a cookbook Gluten Free Mama’s Best Baking Recipes Cookbook.  The goal of my cookbook is to provide the Gluten Free Community with Great Tasting everyday foods.  I feel that it is important that celiacs and those who are gluten intolerant to be able to enjoy eating just like everyone else.

In addition to the cookbook, I have a great flour blend.  Gluten Free Mama’s Rice Almond Blend flour.  All the recipes in the book are created using this flour as it offers a light, non-gritty texture and is very flavorful.  You won’t believe gluten free eating can taste so good!!!

Enclosed is some information.  I would really appreciate you letting your groups know about these products.  Currently they are available in grocers and health food stores throughout Washington, Montana as well as online at

I am also available for lectures and basic Gluten Free Cooking Lessons/Demonstrations.  I look forward to being a service to your groups.

The Gluten Free Mama

This is a link to the Missoulian Article.

Rachel Carlyle-Gauthier
Gluten Free Mama Kitchen, LLC
P.O. Box 478
Polson, MT 59860
406.883.6426 fax 406.883-5423