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I've put together a list of popular and good tasting GF foods and where you can buy some or all of these products.  There are more, but these are the ones I thought of this week.  I know that Whole Foods and Central Market and other specialty health food stores carry some of these too, but I'm not familiar with which ones carry what.  I'm sending what I am familiar with.  Betty Barfield

Gluten Free Pantry bread mixes, brownie mix, pie crust mix, cornbread mix (you can purchase through our website on a link).  Most stores carry this brand.

Namaste cookie mixes, cake mixes, brownie mixes ( ).  Market Street carries.

The Cravings Place cookie mixes, cake mixes their mixes are GF, wheat free, dairy free & egg free.  Internet only for now.

Sylvan Border Farm and Bette Hagman brands all pupose GF flour mixies. and these are both carried at Healthy Approach.

Kinnikinnick english muffins, hamburger buns, bagels, waffles, sliced tapioca bread, cookies and cake mixes  Healthy Approach and Better Health Market.

Manna from Anna bread mix  Healthy Approach.  TIPS

Dowd & Rogers cake mixes (especially chocolate and lemon)  Healthy Approach & Market Street.

Glutino pretzels and crackers and ready made bread  Healthy Approach.

Amy's Soups, (my favorite Chunky Tomato Bisque and many others), Amy's frozen dinners, pizza crusts, etc, etc. They have a gluten-free list of products on their website click under "special diets"  A lot of local places carries Amy's brands.  Also check out this list which is circulating around:  Amy’s Gluten Free Products.

Tinkyada pastas  Healthy Approach and Better Health Market.

Arrowhead Mills Buckwheat Flakes (dry cereal)
Healthy Approach.

Nathure's Path Mesa Sunrise Flaxseed Flakes, EnviroKidz cereals, Honey'd
Corn Flakes, Peanut Butter Panda Puffs, and many other GF dry cereals  Healthy Approach.

Mary's Gone Crackers  Internet only for now

Schar brand crackers and cookies.  Healthy Approach.

Chebe bread mixes  Multiple stores carry this brand.

Enjoy Life granola, cookies  Multiple stores carry this brand.

Mrs. Leeper's boxed pasta dinner mixes (like a Hamburger Helper mix)  Internet only for now.  Mrs. Leepers corn pastas are sold are multiple stores.  If you find the boxed pasta dinner mixes anywhere else, let me know.




Hi all,
Our Gluten-free product lists have just been updated. A great thank you to those who are in charge of the lists all of those who contributed to make this list the most complete and up to date of the CD communities.  To see the lists:  then, scroll down and click on:  Gluten-Free Product Lists


12/18/2007 Whole Foods Market now carries Redbridge Beer.  It is made by Anheuser-Busch and they verified it is gluten-free.  We have it in stock currently at the Plano location (2201 Preston Rd, 972-612-6729) and it will be at the other locations in Texas as well.

We’ve had many requests for gluten-free beer and we’re glad to finally have it available in North Texas.

Joe Kaulbach
Wine Team Leader
Whole Foods Market
2201 Preston Road Suite C
Plano, Texas 75093
972-612-6729 Store Phone
972-867-0414 Fax

2/16/2006 Check out this report: “I just ordered some New Grist (GF beer) .  I called 1-800-800-9122 and ordered through Clubs of America.  It's $32.95 which includes shipping for a 12 pack.”  I am told that this beer passes the discerning beer drinker’s test.  Betty

1/20/2006  Over the next few weeks, will be launched, with details of around 16 GF beers worldwide, reviews and how to get in touch with the breweries.  Links to this site, will be very much appreciated.
Some beers are completely new to the market.
We are completely neutral, just trying to inform fellow celiacs of what is available.  We have Carolyn Smagalski as our brewing expert, who most people will be aware is a world expert on beer, who has also written extensively on GF beer.
Regards, and thank you for posting interesting material on a matter close to my heart
Steve Ford

For GF Beer, visit to learn more and please share it with North Texas Celiacs.  I, for one, have already submitted my request to both Whole Foods and Market Street.
Warm regards,

Jason R. Dye

Gluten Free Products Vendors:                                                          

Amazing Grains  
Arbonne Skin Care Products
Authentic Foods
Boar’s Head Products
Cause You’re Special
Conte’s Pastas  (available at HEB, Central Market and Market Street)
Dakota Free 
Dietary Specialities
El Peto
Ferrara pan Candie
Gluten-Free Mall for Gluten-Free Bread
Gluten Free Pantry       (Participate in Affiliate Program for Lone Star Celiac Support Group)
Gluten Free Trading Company
Gluten Freedas
Gluten Solutions
Kettle Cuisine  (available at Central Market, Vitamin Cottage, & Newflower)
Local Oven
Outside The Breadbox
Panne Rizzo Bakery
Sugarless deLite

A lot of these products you can find at the local health food and specialty stores and some at the local grocery store.