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Medications and Celiac Disease Tips from a Pharmacist:

This is a good document to print and take to your pharmacist.  Mailing this document with your mail-order prescription to the mail-order supplier, may help them understand the importance of finding out if gluten is in your prescription.

ARP_NAME_SMALL0202     Abrams Royal Pharmacy
     8220 Abrams Rd.,  Dallas, TX 75231


Gluten In Medications and Other Stuff
From the NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR CELIAC AWARENESS (nfca), a discussion for consumers and professionals consuming and supplying medications.


Drug3k_logo4Drug3k - Online Drug Encyclopedia
Featuring detailed information on prescription and medications including description, image drug, use, dosage, storage, precautions, and side effects.


drugs_logo_top02Drugs Guide - Prescription Drug information for  consumers & professionals.



FDA Drug Master Files - A drug excipient guide


Kirkman Labatories   Nutritional Supplements
Gluten and Casein free    (800)245-8282


medbroadcast_logo02    A Guide to Excipient Ingredients from Canada.




MedlinePlus is a drug information resource.  A service of the U.S. NATUONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE and the NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH.




PubMed is a service of the National Library of Medicine that includes over 15 million citations from MEDLINE and other life science journals for biomedical articles back to the 1950s. PubMed includes links to full text articles and other related resources.


Stokes Pharmacy A Pharmacy that will compound gluten free medications.  An excellent source of information by dedicated health care professionals.  Offers for sale a book on the gluten status of many pharmaceutical products.


wag_logo_homeA gluten free list is available from the folks at Walgreens.  The extensive list includes both Drugs and Snack items.  You will probably want to print this one out and take to the store or buy online.


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Gluten Free Drugs from GlutenFreeDrugs.com


The Homeopathic Approach                          

Your Information Source for Natural Progesterone, Hormone Balance and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy


A major player for over 50 years supplying Health and Wellness products for the home and body.  They were asked about the gluten in their products and this link will take you to their response.