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July 29, 2005
Hoffman Haus, Fredricksburg, TX                                                     

Many of you may remember Leslie Washburn, a chef who did a couple of gluten free cooking classes at Market Street a while back.  She moved to Fredricksburg a couple of years ago and has since opened a Bed & Breakfast.

According to Leslie:
"I have spent a very busy year getting my cooking school renovated and up and running.  I also bought a 12 room bed and breakfast here,, and have been renovating that as well.

If you would like to, we could put together a package weekend for celiacs to come down to Fredericksburg for some cooking classes and r & r from the big city.  My manager is well versed in cooking gluten free breakfasts and we could explore the possibility of catering a gluten free dinner.

We are a perfect choice for gluten sensitive folks who are traveling to the Hill Country and Fredericksburg.  Our website is  Oh, and I have teamed up with a wonderful chef here in town, Kimberly Brunner, in teaching gluten free bread baking.  She was formerly with the French Room at the Adolphus in Dallas and her credentials and bread are amazing." 

I have no financial interest in Hoffman Haus, but it sounds like a perfectly lovely place for a celiac to spend the weekend.  We know that Leslie is a great chef and prepares wonderful gluten free food.

Chicken Paradise Press Release, November 2004            

A new Celiac Bed and Breakfast in San Antonio, Texas is run by a celiac who is very familiar with gourmet gluten-free cooking.  The Paradise Suite at Chicken Paradise was created for those with dietary restrictions in mind. There is a queen size bed, mini-kitchen and full bath.  A separate entrance gives you privacy and the feeling of being in the country.  There is a large swimming pool and private outdoor (hot water) shower.

 Anne was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1998 and found it difficult to dine anywhere without a lot of interrogation so she is very sensitive to celiac requirements and additional food restrictions. 

The gate swings open, and you are instantly transported to a serene place where peacocks are regally crossing the lane in front of your car. To your right is a large garden brimming with produce. The homestead and garden has been tended by Anne and Joe Barfield since 1980.

 Five years ago they introduced chickens in order to have fresh eggs daily. The chickens have the run of the property these days, and even the dog has adjusted to letting them have their way.  The entire premises here are gluten-free. Anne and Joe have learned a lot about other dietary restrictions in the last few years. Come and visit, see San Antonio and leave the gourmet breakfast to us! Each meal will be created to suit your personal needs and preferences.  It is not necessary to be celiac to enjoy your stay at Chicken Paradise.   Visit our website at , e-mail to or call at 210 340-0648.